MARVEL Distinguished Lecture — Yang Shao-Horn

Sep 11, 2017, from 16:15 until 17:15, EPFL, room MXF1

Monday September 11, 2017, 16:15 pm, EPFL, Room MXF1, 

Prof. Yang Shao-Horn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology),

The Future of Electrochemistry

The 12th NCCR MARVEL Distinguished Lecture will be given by
Prof. Yang Shao-Horn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) on Monday September 11, 2017, 16.15 pm, at EPFL.

If you would like to meet Prof. Shao-Horn, please contact Nathalie Jongen.

Prof. Yang Shao-Horn

Abstract — Electrochemistry is used widely today, spanning from production of hydrogen and metals such as aluminum and Li-ion batteries. We will discuss current and future opportunities in using electrochemistry to power cars and buildings, and to make chemicals and fuels with energy from the Sun. Design principles in controlling the interactions between surfaces and electrolytes, and ion conduction in the electrolyte, central to the functions of electrochemical devices, will be presented.  

About the speaker — Professor Shao-Horn is W.M. Keck Professor of Energy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has published 240+ archival journal papers (Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher). Her recent work is centered on understanding the electronic structure of solids on the activity for water splitting and the reactivity of oxide/electrolyte interface in Li-ion batteries, and lattice dynamics on ion conduction in solids.

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