Data Team

The MARVEL data team, with one representative per project, is at disposal to address questions regarding open research data policy within MARVEL, with the role of being the point of contact in the group, project, institution; of raising awareness on data management; and of checking the minimal requirements presented in the MARVEL research data strategy. The data manager is Lidia Favre-Quattropani, MARVEL scientific manager. 


Lidia Favre-Quattropani
Scientific manager
EPFL, Lausanne
Giovanni Pizzi
Project leader
PSI, Villigen PSI
Carlo Pignedoli
Project leader
Empa, Dübendorf
Miriam Jasmin Pougin
PhD student
Manura Liyanage
Postdoc, Pillar 1
Empa, Thun
Sanggyu Chong
Postdoc, Pillar 2
EPFL, Lausanne
Kristjan Eimre
Postdoc, Pillar 3
EPFL, Lausanne
Flaviano dos Santos
Postdoc, Pillar 4
PSI, Villigen PSI