Path Integral Quantum Mechanics: From the Basics to the Latest Developments

Jun 14, 2021, 15:00 until Jun 18, 2021, 19:00, Lausanne

The topic of this school is the path integral approach to quantum mechanics, which is one of the most computationally efficient methodologies for modeling quantum nuclear effects such as tunneling, delocalization, and zero-point fluctuations. 

The field of path integral simulations is continuously growing with even more young researchers making prominent contributions. Thus, unlike previous editions of the school where the basics were covered in great detail during the first days, this time the students will be asked to attend a massive open online course (MOOC) on the basics of PI methods prior to the school. This will allow the participants to come into the school primed with the introductory materials and be ready to tackle more advanced developments and notable recent applications in fields ranging from physics and chemistry to biology and materials science.

Contributed talks and posters

In addition to the lectures by experts in path integral methods, all the attendees at the school are highly encouraged to present their current research (whether on path integral methods or other topics) at the virtual poster session. Some of the participants will be selected for contributed talks based on their submitted abstract.


The meeting will be held in a virtual format. The maximum number of attendees (not including the speakers) will be ~40, so as to maximize the opportunities for interaction between the speakers and the participants.


Find the details of registration here:
Participants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. The deadline for submitting the application and the abstract is 30th April 2021.

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