ERC Grants

The following 23 ERC Grants have supported MARVEL members during their participation in the Centre

Starting 2022

  • Fiamma (Fully Integrating Atomistic Modeling with Machine Learning), Consolidator, Michele Ceriotti, 2022-2026. More information

Started 2019

  • PushQChem (Pushing Quantum Chemistry by Advancing Photoswitchable Catalysis), Consolidator, Clémence Corminboeuf, 2019–2024. More information
  • HERO (Hidden, entangled and resonating orders), Synergy, Nicola Spaldin, Gabriel Aeppli, Henrik Rønnow and  Alexander Balatsky, 2019–2025. More information

Started 2018

  • QML (Quantum Machine Learning: Chemical Reactions with Unprecedented Speed and Accuracy), Consolidator, Anatole von Lilienfeld, 2018–2023. More information
  • PARATOP (New paradigms for correlated quantum matter: Hierarchical topology, Kondo topological metals, and deep learning), Starting, Titus Neupert, 2018–2023

Started 2017

  • MODMAT (Nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory: From models to materials), Consolidator, Philipp Werner, 2017–2022.
  • time-data (Time-Data Trade-Offs in Resource-Constrained Information and Inference Systems), Consolidator, Volkan Cevher, 2017–2022.
  • HY-CAT (Multifunctional Hybrid Platforms based on  Colloidal  Nanocrystals to Advance CO2 Conversion Studies), Starting, Rafaella Buonsanti, 2017–2021.

Started 2016

  • HBMAP (Decoding, Mapping and Designing the Structural Complexity of Hydrogen-Bond Networks: from Water to Proteins to Polymers), Starting, Michele Ceriotti, 2016–2021.
  • VARMET (Variational Metadynamics), Advanced, Michele Parrinello, 2016–2020.
  • HyperQC (Hyper Quantum Criticality), Consolidator, Christian Rüegg, 2016–2021.

Started 2015

  • MaGic (The Materials Genome in Action), Advanced, Berend Smit, 2015–2020.

Started 2014

  • PreCoMet (Predictive Computational Metallurgy), Advanced, Bill Curtin, 2014–2019.

Started 2013

  • E-MOBILE (Enhanced Modeling and Optimization of Batteries Incorporating Lithium-ion Elements), Starting, Mathieu Luisier, 2013–2018.

Started 2012

  • Future Proof (Theoretical and Algorithmic Foundations for Future Proof Information and Inference Systems), Starting, Volkan Cevher, 2012–2016.
  • comporel (Large-Scale Computational Screening and Design of Highly-ordered pi-conjugated  Molecular Precursors to Organic Electronic), Starting, Clémence Corminboeuf, 2012–2017.
  • ALGILE (Foundations of Algebraic and Dynamic Data Management Systems), Starting, Christoph Koch, 2012–2016
  • CCICO (Coupled and Competing Instabilities in Complex Oxides), Advanced, Nicola Spaldin, 2012–2017.
  • SIMCOFE (Simulated correlated fermions), Advanced, Matthias Troyer, 2012–2017.
  • DYNCORSYS (Real-time dynamics of correlated many-body systems), Starting, Philipp Werner, 2012–2017.
  • TopoMat (Topological insulators: computational exploration of emerging electronic materials), Starting, Oleg Yazyev, 2012–2017.

Started 2011

  • DIAMOND (Discovery and Insight with Advanced Models Of Nanoscale Dimensions), Starting, Joost Vandevondele, 2011–2016.

Started 2010

  • PUSHBOUND (Pushing the Boundaries of Molecular Dynamics Simulations), Advanced, Michele Parrinello, 2010–2015.