MARVEL Toolbox


Publications count only if they have the proper acknowledgment. When NCCR personnel is involved, you need to add an explicit acknowledgement to MARVEL. For phase III, it says:

This research was supported by the NCCR MARVEL, a National Centre of Competence in Research, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (grant number 205602).

The full list of the grant numbers, for all three MARVEL phases, is

  • For phase III: 205602
  • For phase II: 182892.
  • For phase I:  141828.

In addition, you are encouraged to also add to your regular address:

National Centre for Computational Design and Discovery of Novel Materials MARVEL, Institution, City, Switzerland.

New Publications

You should alert the management team to any publications supported by MARVEL when they are accepted for publication, at the latest. Significant papers deserve even more advance notice so we have sufficient time to highlight this work on our website, through our Twitter channel — which has more than 1'700 followers — through the media channels of the various institutions in MARVEL and on EurekAlert, where our releases consistently draw thousands of views and lead to additional articles on websites such as Science Daily and

Your help with this is essential — we are not always made aware of important developments. 

Open access publications and data

The SNSF, like other major funding agencies, requires grantees to make the results of SNSF-funded projects available in an open access publication or database and expects research data to be freely accessible to everyone — to scientists as well as to the general public — provided there are no legal, ethical, copyright or other issues.


The MARVEL logo has always to be used together with the SNSF logo and the text element saying "The National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCRs) are a funding scheme of the Swiss National Science Foundation". For an example, see below at the bottom of this webpage.

If you need the SNSF logo, you can find it here or contact us.

MARVEL events calendar

Follow MARVEL events calendar:

  • For users to add calendar to their other Google calendars (must be connected to Google):  add Google calendar
  • Without Google login: agenda viewable in any browser even without connection to Google:  view calendar (no login needed)
  • iCal format to import into other apps like Outlook, etc:  iCal calendar format


If you need any other communication material (different logo, letterhead, general presentation, ...) feel free to contact us.

SNSF project number

When filling proposals for the SNSF, if you need to mention links to SNSF research and wish to refer to any project/sub-project within the NCCR MARVEL phase III (years 9 to 12), the project number is 51NF40-205602. The project number for NCCR MARVEL phase II (years 5 to 8) was 51NF40-182892.