For the younger generation

MARVEL proposes activities for the young generation, such as summer camps, activities proposed in school as well as activities during open doors or events for the general public.

For high school students

In schools

MARVEL participates to Thematic day for high school students organised by EPFL, e.g.

These are great opportunities for MARVEL researchers to share about their research and to learn to adapt their message to non specialists. On the other side, the students can discover more about the topics such as physics, chemistry, materials science and computational research within their own four walls with conferences and feature demonstrations.

For girls and young women

To awake the interest of girls and young women for scientific careers, MARVEL is a partner to special events organized at EPFL and in Switzerland, for girls only or with half of the seats for girls.

For the public at large

MARVEL takes all the opportunities to showcase its research, sharing and explaining it to the public. In recent years, MARVEL
presented a stand with 3D movies and fun experiments to show how novel materials are created by computational design: at EPFL Scientastic (2018) and at the EPFL Open House part of the celebrations for its 50th anniversary (2019).