NCCR MARVEL’s Luisier part of ETH team awarded 2019 ACM Gordon Bell prize

This was published on November 24, 2019

The team—made up of Mathieu Luisier, a professor in the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at ETHZ and group leader in MARVEL Design & Discovery Project 3, Alexandros Nikolaos Ziogas, Tal Ben-Nun, Timo Schneider and Torsten Hoefler from ETH’s Scalable Parallel Computing Laboratory and as well as Guillermo Indalecio Fernández from ETH’s Integrated Systems Laboratory—was awarded the prize for developing a simulation that maps heat in transistors. The new DaCe OMEN framework may help industry design better, more efficient computer chips.  

Carey Sargent, EPFL, NCCR MARVEL

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) awarded the team the 2019 ACM Gordon Bell Prize for their work in “A data-centric approach to extreme-scale ab initio dissipative quantum transport simulations,” a paper that acknowledges the support of NCCR MARVEL.  The paper describes DaCe OMEN, a new framework for simulating the transport of electrical signals through nanoscale materials such as the silicon atoms used in transistors.

Full details of their work and on the prize itself can be found in a statement from the ACM here.

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