Alexey Soluyanov's research will continue to inspire MARVEL community

This was published on November 7, 2019

I am very sorry to report that Alexey Soluyanov passed away on Oct 26, in St. Petersburg. Alexey was a wonderful human being, and a bright and dedicated colleague, and we will miss him tremendously.
At this time our thoughts are with his family, and all who knew and loved him; our only consolation is that his remarkable scientific contributions will continue to inspire our entire community for years to come.
You can read on some of his fascinating work here, for the Nature 2015 prediction of Type II Dirac fermions well before experiments could confirm them, or here, for the 2019 Science prediction of novel 1D topological phases. More on his life and work is also on the website of the University of Zurich.

We'll miss you very much, Alexey; and thanks a lot for all that you have given us.

Nicola Marzari

The following text is based on the translation of an obituary published by the University of Zurich in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung newspaper. The original text, in German, can be found here.

Alexey Soluyanov was a leading international expert in theoretical solid-state physics. He made fundamental, groundbreaking contributions in the field of topological materials and his work led to a deeper understanding of band theory in crystalline materials. In addition to this fundamental work, he predicted several new classes of half-metals, which have since been confirmed experimentally.  He also developed various software packages that simplify the discovery of exotic new quantum materials.

Alexey Soluyanov studied Physics at the University of St. Petersburg, Russia before moving on to do a PhD at Rutgers University in the U.S. He then moved to ETH Zurich, where, already early in his career, he looked after a number of very successful doctoral theses. Since 2018 he had led his own research group at the Physics Institute at the University of Zurich as a Swiss National Science Foundation professor.

With keen perception and outstanding physical intuition, Alexey Soluyanov made a significant contribution to research into topological materials. His work in general will have continue to have an impact long after his passing. We will all remember him with great gratitude.     

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