MARVEL/CECAM lecture series videos now available on Materials Cloud

This was published on February 20, 2020

Video recordings of lectures held as part of the CECAM/MARVEL "Classics in molecular and materials modeling" and the Mary Ann Mansigh conversation series are now available online on Materials Cloud.

Carey Sargent, EPFL, NCCR MARVEL

Video recordings of the Classics in molecular and materials modeling series are now available here.

Featuring fundamental methods in computational physics and chemistry presented by those who developed them, at a level appropriate for second year master and graduate students, this series kicked off with the lecture “Molecular dynamics under (holonomic) constraints” by Jean-Paul Ryckaert and Giovanni Ciccotti.

The second lecture in the series, “Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics,” was given by Roberto Car (Princeton University) and Michele Parrinello (ETHZ) and was followed by an interview with the speakers conducted by Giulia Galli (University of Chicago).

Roberto Car of Princeton University and Michele Parrinello of ETHZ

A video recording of the first lecture of the CECAM/MARVEL Mary Ann Mansigh conversation series is available here. Meant to feature guests that describe their expertise, approaches to research, and career paths from a perspective not usually encountered in "standard" scientific presentations, the first lecture was given by  Massimo Noro, Business Development Director, Science and Technology at STFC Daresbury.

He spoke about computer modeling for industrial applications, specifically his research at Unilever on self-assembling fluids, and about his work for the STFC Hartree Centre (UK), which helps companies translate scientific research into commercial products. The was followed by an interview with William Curtin (EPFL) about the relevance of simulation for industry and his role as the leader of an important computing facility that interacts directly with industry.

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