D&D2 - Metal Alloys

The ultimate objective of the project D&D2 —  From Atoms to Additive Manufacturing: Computational Design of Complex Metal Alloys — is to develop a computational framework for the creation and control of precipitate-strengthened metal alloys, with a major application goal of guiding emerging additive manufacturing methodologies.  The technical objectives that underly this ultimate objective are to predict a priori, and validate experimentally, the structure and energetics of complex precipitate phases that form in advanced engineering metal alloys; the resulting mechanical strength (plastic flow stress) as a function of precipitate morphology and alloy chemistry; and the early-stage evolution of the alloy as a function of time-temperature history.

The project is led by William Curtin.

Group Leaders

William Curtin
Project leader
EPFL, Lausanne
Michele Ceriotti
Deputy director
EPFL, Lausanne
Anatole von Lilienfeld
Project leader
UniBas, Basel

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