D&D6 - Topological Materials

Project D&D6 searches for novel topological materials by combining conceptual development in the classification of topological phases with computational materials design and discovery. The scope of materials includes topological insulators, semimetals, but also materials realizing quantum spin liquid phases and twisted moiré superlattices. The predictions are supported by a broad range of experimental techniques, notably by angle-resolved photoemission and optical spectroscopies.  The grand challenge of the project is realizing technological applications of materials belonging to this diverse, emerging class.

The project is led by Oleg Yazyev.

Group Leaders

Oleg Yazyev
Project leader
EPFL, Lausanne
Titus Neupert
Group leader
UZH, Zurich
Ming Shi
Group leader
PSI, Villigen PSI
Ana Akrap
Group leader
UniFR, Fribourg

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